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  • SwaShakthi SHG


    The application portal assists NGOs and other Self Help Promoting Institutions to manage the smooth functioning of their Self-Help Groups or Joint Liability Groups It is a complete solution to automate and digitize all functional processes of Self-Help Group It allows the ease of access of information regardless of the location of the entities connected with the process. This facilitates overall improvement in financial reporting and management of the SHG remotely

  • TMS - Temple Management System


    Temple Management System is a complete solution centric software for the smooth functioning of the day-to-day activities of the temple It is an offline web-based system which can be accessed within the temple premises across the network. It is a highly scalable system developed under the guidance of temple administrators, chartered accountants and technology consultants

  • LMS - Lease Management System


    Lease management software helps in managing the lease agreements for diverse portfolios. It improves the availability of information in real time with more accuracy. Lease management automates management level tasks completely and quickly. It allows easy access to information anywhere without having to carry physical documents. It helps you confidently make decisions has data it easily available on the go.

  • Magazine Subscription System (SaaS)

    An application portal to provide magazine publishers to easily manage subscriptions It has been designed as a simple and powerful tool to power magazine’s subscriptions with useful tools for taking care of subscribers and getting data ready for fulfillment It streamlines the procedures and provides you with cutting-edge tools and options. Key Features are Automate Billing & Payments for Subscriptions, Control the lifecycles of subscriptions, Utilize a Variety of Plans and Pricing Levels, Gift or trial subscriptions are encouraged

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